The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day Lingerie Shopping in DC

The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day Lingerie Shopping in DC

Aubade slip Lingerie shopping in DCEvery year without fail, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, there are countless articles and listicles about what women want for Valentine’s Day. This year at Le Bustiere, while we are undoubtedly your destination for lingerie shopping in DC, we would like to divert the focus to the aspect of the holiday that we believe women enjoy the most – the romance. There you go! Question answered. Romance is what women really want for V-Day.

Sheer Lace Robe Bra Shopping Washington DCFlowers, chocolate and gift cards are nice, but those things are secondary to your love and attention. Every day presents another opportunity for you to show your partner how much you value their presence in your life. Take advantage of that. Be considerate, show genuine interest in how their day went. Make the effort to understand the differences in your communication styles and practice emotional attunement. One of the marks of a great relationship is the ability to pick up on non-verbal cues and specific language. This and more will go a long way towards building a lasting and happy relationship.

Most shopping guides focus more on body type and shape when picking out lingerie. We know those characteristics are important, but it is also important, perhaps more so, to celebrate each and every body, regardless of proportions or gender, and no matter how different. It’s no secret that we cater to a very wide range of bodies and personalities, and like every other day, we have a rich offering of styles and silhouettes to match your fantasy.

What’s Your Lingerie Personality?

Guipure Lace Basque Corsets in DCThe Bold Bombshell

Go big or go home! There’s nothing uninhibited about you. Your preferred lingerie styles and coffee cup sleeves have one thing in common; they come with the disclaimer, “Caution! Contents HOT!”. You’re the kind of lady who gets inspiration for what to wear after reading reviews on x3guide, and you’re not afraid to show it. Waist-nipping corsets and super sexy basques are definitely your thing, and you look great in them. As this post explains, wearing your lingerie with pride can ignite your inner dominatrix and help you to channel a BDSM sensation so that you can feel the sexiest you have ever felt.

True RomanticScalloped Lace Bodysuit Bra fitting DC

Classic and provocative, the true romantic lives up to the description. Exuding sensuality in waves, you favor an ethereal aesthetic, choosing to drape your form in satin chemises and lacy, floral accents. Soft colors highlight your sultry side without taking the focus off your more delicate aspects. In a triangle bralette, scallop lace bodysuit or sheer chemise, your romantic soul shines through.

Tulle Bodysuit Lingerie Shopping in DCMultiplayer

2017 was the year of reverse lingerie. With an arsenal of bodysuits in your wardrobe, you can keep that trend going for as long as you want. From a hot catsuit to something a little lacey, there is a range of bodysuits that you can choose in order to switch things up a little. Pair this storm blue bodysuit with a pair of wide-leg pants or a tulle skirt, and you’re ready for whatever fun thing comes next!

Demi-bra Set Valentines shopping in DCUltra-Femme

You’re sophisticated and you’re all about effortless sexappeal. You want lingerie that hugs every curve of your body; bras that showcase ‘the girls’ in all their glory and panties that make your butt look like a ripe peach. Valentine’s day is just like every other day for you, you just have to crank it up to eleven.

Short Lace Robe in Washington DCLeisurely Lounger

These luxurious robes are perfect for lolling on an embroidered chaise and eating bon bons. Because when you lounge, you lounge in style! Imagine yourself in this satin chemise, seated in front of a vanity covered in the best skincare products, completing your evening routine before you crawl into bed with a good book, or perhaps, the latest hot show on Netflix.

Lace Chemise Slip boutique shopping in Washington DCAll of these beautiful pieces are undeniably versatile, and transition easily from a romantic dinner to late-night romance. They’re also a great addition to your everyday lingerie wardrobe. It’s also worth a mention that the Valentine’s season is the perfect time to refresh your lingerie. Still not sure you’re wearing the right size? Or just need some help picking out the season’s hottest stuff while you do some lingerie shopping in DC? Schedule a bra fitting here, or Visit us at the boutique.

Le Bustiere Boutique wishes you a red hot Valentine’s Day!

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