Year round we have many bridal lingerie offerings. You may be looking for a corset bra to go under your wedding dress or some honey moon lingerie.
Look no further with many French lingerie offerings we will be sure to hand select something for you. You can even bring your wedding dress into the boutique to ensure proper fit, coverage and captivation for your soon to be groom. We would consider ourselves ultra niche in the bridal shop scene in Washington DC since we specialize in unique wedding day lingerie with attention to detail so schedule your bridal fitting today. We just love to be part of people’s weddings, and we feel that by helping you feel your best and full of confidence on your big day, we make it an enjoyable and memorable experience for you. We’re also happy in the knowledge that we played a role in the kind of important life event you’ll look back on for the rest of your life with joy. Like all brides you want to look your best for your big day, some brides find that adding a little jewelry to their wedding look helps them to showcase how amazing they feel on the outside. A visit to an online jewelry store similar to Https:// and looking through their bridal catalog could give you a little guidance on the perfect jewelry set for a beautiful bride. There’s nothing better than being part of the bridal industry and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fulfilling career. Franchises become available all the time too, which makes it nice and easy to get a foot in the door. For example, the opportunity advertised here is not to be missed! You never know, you might end up partnering up with us if you choose to specialise in dresses, as what you wear under them makes all the difference to the fit.



A long line bra or bridal corset will look great under your wedding dress, provide support and that feeling of confidence on your big day. Let us know what bridal foundations you are looking for to go under your dress. We have so many unique lingerie pieces for your honeymoon, a bridal boudoir shoot or for a friends bridal gift.


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