Springtime is a Great Time to Do Some Bra Shopping in Washington, D.C.

Springtime is a Great Time to Do Some Bra Shopping in Washington, D.C.

“Spring affair… And we’ve got something new, me and you, oh baby…”

Although some parts of the country are still getting some ridiculous weather, Spring is here and it is a time of renewal. It’s the time of year when we peel back the layers to reveal something more refreshed in every aspect of our lives, whether it’s decluttering our homes or wearing a few less layers of clothes. Springtime is a great time for doing some bra shopping in Washington, D.C. Pastels and florals are all the rave, as are the wonderful trends from this year’s Fashion Week – purples, sheers, and one of our favorites, exposed underthings.

Springtime encourages us to refresh our lingerie wardrobes, and as usual, we have curated the best and sexiest of the season’s selections. We know we talk a lot about different times of the year presenting great opportunities for updating a lingerie collection, but let’s be honest, lingerie as with everything else, changes with the season. And remember, these garments are the foundation of every outfit and are the items in your wardrobe that are most used and therefore, should be replaced regularly. Also, you know, #TreatYoSelf.

“Romance, year-round”luxury lingerie

Another great, timeless reason to shop for new lingerie is romance. We talked about romance being more than a one day affair in our Valentine’s Day post and just in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a reminder. In order for your relationship to thrive and evolve, you should practice romance daily. Be kind, help out with the tasks of your daily lives without needing to be asked. Do it because it makes you feel good to know that your partner is going to have an easier time because of your actions, and not because you feel obligated.

Send a random text during the day to let them know you’re thinking of them, and while you’re at it, leave a Le Bustiere gift card on their pillow or next to their toothbrush in the bathroom to surprise them. Or buy a pretty little something with the intention of letting them unwrap you like the present they deserve.


“Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting…”

lingerie shopping in Adams Morgan

Goodbye to heavy coats, wool tights and sweaters layered over camisoles. Hello to bodysuits in soft lavender hues and pink reds. And guess what? Sheer looks are in and are fresh off the runways of NYFW 2018. So pair either of these body suits with a blazer, or show off a colorful lace triangle bra under a sheer top. In the colder months your jewel-toned chemises and Fall-hued bra and panty sets were just supporting acts to your outfits, but now it’s time for these pretty spring pieces to take center stage. It’s the prequel to the summer glo-up so shine baby, shine! And remember, attitude is everything, so seek inspiration from one of the gorgeous Babestation cam girls like Chloe Love and celebrate your sexy new style.

“I be up in the gym just working on my fitness…”

professional bra fitting DC

So, you made a promise to yourself to live a healthier lifestyle this year – more trips to the gym, less added sugar, and all the self-love – and your efforts are paying off. Or maybe you didn’t do anything different at all. That’s perfectly fine. Either way, bodies change all the time. Your once full cups might be a little gapey, or you need new panties because you got a whole lot more ‘bootiful’ (emphasis on the booty lol!). What are you waiting for? Come on down and let us pamper you with delicate and intricate lace undergarments. We promise you a great experience bra shopping in Washington, D.C.

“Oh, they say when you marry in June, You’re a bride all your life…”

bra shopping in Washington, D.C.

Spring and Summer brides, we didn’t forget you and your upcoming nuptial celebrations. It goes without saying that just like every other day, your bridal underpinnings are just as important as the beautiful wedding dress that called your name when you tried it on. It is vital that you choose the right sort of lingerie for your big day, so that your dress fits well, and you are comfortable throughout the day. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up a few pieces for the honeymoon and the first days of your married life. And of course, congratulations! We wish you lots of love and happiness today and beyond.

Stop on in and visit us for some shopping in Adams Morgan. See you soon.

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