A Professional Bra Fitting Is a Great Way to Show Yourself Some Love

A Professional Bra Fitting Is a Great Way to Show Yourself Some Love


Pride season is upon us, and if that isn’t a great time for a reminder to love yourself for whoever you are, I don’t know what is. Self-love and self-care come in multiple forms, and one of the many actions you can take towards a healthier self, is to make sure that you are comfortable in your lingerie like adult actresses from sites like www.hdpornvideo.xxx always seem to be. Today we’d like to take some time to preach the gospel of the professional bra fitting.


“I thought I needed to run and find somebody to love, but all I needed was some coconut oil exquisite lingerie”

If you know anything about us, you know that one of the messages we espouse and encourage everyone else to embrace, is self-love. This of course, includes body positivity. We believe that people with all sorts of bodies have the right to well-fitting, confidence-boosting, mood-lifting lingerie. And so, we stock the sexiest styles, from the best brands, in a range of sizes you won’t find at your local chain underwear store. Lingerie is the first and last thing you put on and take off everyday. Therefore it is important to make sure that you are wearing the right pieces.

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“Your body is a temple. Lay down offerings of decadent lace and opulent silhouettes.”

Lingerie isn’t all about being perfect or being a bombshell. Especially not if those aspirations make you feel bad about your body. Lingerie should make you feel good, plain and simple. For this to happen, your lingerie must fit well, and this is a very important reason for getting a professional bra fitting. Do your straps dig into your shoulders? Does the band ride up in the back? Does the front of your bra not lie flat against your sternum? Are you just uncomfortable overall? These are all indicators of an ill-fitting bra. Just because your breasts fit into the cup and don’t spill out doesn’t mean that the size you are wearing is the right one for you.

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“Better a late professional bra fitting than never.”

Even if you have had a fitting in the past, it’s important to get them regularly, because bodies change. And when they do, things don’t always fit the same anymore. Your breast density changes through weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, and many other life events. Well-fitting lingerie could give you the confidence boost you’ve been looking for. No more worrying about your cups showing through your blouse, or the band bunching up the skin on your back.

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“F.O.M.O. Alert!”

Picture this, you’re out at a bar, or at a party, having the time of your life with your friends (or by yourself). The night is young and you start to feel the telltale signs of an impending death-by-bra constriction. You put this bra on because it makes “the twins” look good, but you know that like Cinderella’s carriage turning back into a pumpkin at midnight, your bra clocks out after a certain number of hours. If you had come in for a professional bra fitting, you’d be able to stay out all night if you wanted to, instead of hurrying home because your bra has staged a mutiny.

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“This could be you, but you’re not wearing the right bra.”

It’s not just about missed opportunities to be a social butterfly. You might also be missing out on some iconic fashion moments thanks to a lack of the right bra styles. No sheer tops for you because all you’ve got in your underwear drawer are bras with molded cups that give you a uni-boob. No cute, trendy off-the-shoulder blouses for you either because you still haven’t been able to find a strapless bra that will give you the needed support AND stay up so you’re not doing the pull-up shuffle every ten minutes.


If you have never had a professional bra fitting before, it’s a great idea to get one even if you feel as though you are wearing the right size. It doesn’t hurt to be sure. One of the perks of getting a fitting at Le Bustiere is the personalized approach we take. We not only make sure you are comfortable in your lingerie, but also recommend items that you are sure to love. We can help you fall in love with your breasts again.


Picturing yourself in some of the styles from this post? Don’t wait too long to make your dreams a reality. Call today, schedule an appointment, or stop by whenever you have some time. We’ll get you fitted and into something you’ll love.

While you’re at it, spread the love. Consider picking up a gift card for someone in your life who could use a little TLC in the bra department.


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