Fall Lingerie Shopping: Our Top Picks

Fall Lingerie Shopping: Our Top Picks

Just like that it’s the Fall again! We feel like it wasn’t too long ago that we were sharing with you the importance of zhuzhing up your wardrobe for spring, and now it’s time to put all those featherlight, airy things away.

Are you ready for some serious layering?

fall-lingerie-picksThe great thing about Fall lingerie, and about lingerie in general, is that it serves more than one purpose. The standout pieces of this season – corsets, teddies, chemises and the like – function not only as the basis of your outfits, but also add layers of warmth to your ensemble.


something old, something new

Bra fitting DC This season’s lingerie trends brings us all of the features that we know and love, as well as a few new interesting ones. Whoever could have thought that grommets on a bra could be sexy? This half-cup bra is a sensuous marriage of leather and lace in a classic, voluptuous silhouette that dares you to go ahead and dip your toes into the waters of provocative delight. Everyone needs a piece like this in their underwear drawer. 


it’s your lingerie. wear it when you want.

fall lingerie

Got any special occasions coming up? Or just want to spice up a dinner date outfit with some unconventional undergarments? Maybe a solo date with a comfortable chair, a good book and a glass of wine? Sounds great! There are no hard and fast rules for wearing lingerie other than comfort, fit, and satisfaction.


Looking Good, Feeling Fine

lingerie in DC

If none of these are your style and you’re more of a classic bra and panty person, you might not be getting the added warmth factor, but the confidence boost is a nice tradeoff. Remember, it’s all about you and the way your lingerie makes you feel . Confident women dress for themselves, not to please others.


365 Days of Love

Corsets in DC

We’ve talked about romance being an everyday thing right? If you’ve got a special someone, knowing that you’re wearing these sexy pieces under all those layers of knits and hosiery will definitely kick things up a notch for you and your partner. What’s more, it doesn’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day.


 Pay Us a Visit

Shopping in Adams Morgan

Ready for your fall wardrobe?  Make an appointment or simply pop in to see us. We will get you started with a professional fitting and then help you find something you will love. Our number one priority is to help you feel and look good, and we’re always ready to make your day a little brighter with some new Fall lingerie.

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